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Tim Mays, owner of the Casbah Starlite, and Krakatoa

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Tim Mays

So stoked to have Tim Mays on the show this week. Mays is a local legend who has made an undeniable mark on San Diego’s music scene. After putting on shows around town at venues like The Spirit Club and Adams Avenue Theater in the early eighties – Mays went on to open Pink Panther in 1986, a bar that Mays describes as "for young people owned by young people". With a knack for booking bands before they hit the big time Mays opened legendary music venue the Casbah in 1989. With the foresight to recognize talent, luminaries such as Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Nirvana, The White Stripes and Black Keys have all graced the Casbah stage under his direction. Next came Turf Club in 1998 – the legendary 60’s-style grill-it-yourself steak joint and bar in Golden Hill. Uncharted territory at the time Turf Club quickly became the locale of choice for music junkies and counter-culture aficionados. Neighborhood coffee shop Krakatoa was also added to Mays' stable of cool-kid hangouts in 2003. The (allegedly) haunted craftsman style home in the heart of Golden Hill is a great spot to sip a Caffe Calabria on the outdoor patio and hang with the much-loved feline resident, Anak. In 2007 Mays partnered with Matt Hoyt to launch Starlite in Mission Hills, a retro, high-design haunt with inventive cocktails and farm-fresh food that's served into the late evening hours. With his laid back style - very much of the Converse, band t-shirt and black-rimmed glasses ilk – Tim keeps his finger on the pulse with up-and-coming indie circuit stars, and still books the majority of bands that come through the Casbah doors. When not attending live concerts, or enjoying a Negroni over ice – his new favorite obsession - you can invariably catch Tim reading, swimming, and gardening with his family at home in Bonita.

Lick the Plate, the popular San Diego food feature on KPRi is starting its third year on the air by expanding its guest list to include national culinary  personalities and adding the Red Fox Tails as the official show band.

"These past two years have been a blast," said host David Boylan. He added, "We have interviewed some of the top culinary personalities in San Diego including Javier Plascencia, Bernard Guillas, Hannis Cavin, and Food Network personality and San Diego Magazine restaurant critic Troy Johnson. From San Diego’s top chefs and restaurants to small mom and pop eateries, we have covered a wide range of the San Diego culinary scene, the people who drive it and their individual stories. The concept has proven itself in San Diego so it’s time to expand our guest mix to national culinary personalities that would resonate with any foodie audience. The addition of The Red Fox Tails as our show band will give Lick the Plate its own unique soundtrack with a cool surf-jazz style that reflects the San Diego location of the show."

Lick the Plate guest Hanis Cavin, chef and owner at the Carnitas Snack Shack praised the new capabilities of Lick the Plate. "David has an original format going with Lick the Plate. He is a storyteller first and foremost and he does a great job at it. I had a blast recording with him and it was fun to talk about subjects a bit out of the ordinary for culinary shows. I can’t wait to hear him interview some of the culinary heavyweights from around the country."

Haley Jones, Program Director at KPRi had this to add. "Lick the Plate’s format continues to evolve beyond food and really exposes the people behind all the amazing culinary talent in San Diego. It's a natural progression for the show to bring in big name guests for the KPRi audience and potentially other markets. David taps into what makes these people tick, from their culinary influences to their passions for music to where they like to eat and drink."

Lick the Plate Radio airs Monday through Friday at 4 & 7pm on KPRi, 102.1 FM San Diego and is engineered by Frankie Blue. Lick the Plate is also a weekly column in the Coast News in Encinitas, California.